Name Description
Corporate Website Designs We create top world class website designs for our clients including domain registrations
Web Hosting We provide reliable custom and full hosting services for email and websites hosting.
Google and Internet Campaign We help you market you business and have ad words online
Logos and Business Profiling We assist in creating logos, flyers and social media identity. We help in helping companies developing their unique identities from identifying target audience to developing their business profiles.
Information Technology Support We help small to medium to companies establish their feet by managing their Information Technology challenges and duties. We are an outsourcing company
Landline Solutions We assist companies in attaining a professional image by providing them we landline solutions. We provide our clients with area code numbers such as an ‘011 XXX XXXX’
Business and BEE Registrations We help you register you company the legal way in South Africa.
IT Software and Hardware procurement We assist in the procuring of IT equipment and software services such as workstations, cables, scanners and system software

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